Father and Son


A story between a father and his son


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Father and Son is a 2D graphic adventure that tells the story of a son and his deceased father. Sadly, Michael (the son) never really had a connection with Francisco (the father) because Francisco dedicated his entire life to his job at the National Archeological Museum of Naples. After his father's death, Michael decides to try to get to know his father through his work.

In order to move your character through the setting you just need to tap the sides of the screen. If you want to interact with any element in the setting you just have to click the buttons that pop up on the screen. Michael’s actions are pretty varied: from sitting down and having a coffee, to talking to another person, or even drawing.

Once you’ve arrived at the Museum with Michael, you can travel in time and, for a few seconds, become an ancient Egyptian. This feature helps you get to know the past but also witness the connection between Michael and Francisco.

Father and Son is a beautiful adventure. The visuals are truly amazing as you can see in the screenshots, but it also has a beautiful story that unfolds before your eyes. As a huge added bonus, if you visit the National Archeological Museum of Naples you’ll be able to unlock additional features.

Requires Android 5.0 or higher

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